“Bookmaker” as a name is confusing but football bettors know it has nothing to do with office paperwork. They are generally called “Bookies” or “Sportsbooks” in online football betting circles. “Bookmakers” can be individuals or online organizations that willingly accept and make payments on online football bets based on a football event outcome, bet nature, and odds. Their fame stemmed from the horse racing events in Australia where they have been playing an integral role as intermediaries for ages. The advent of the internet saw their role shift from traditional gambling to online business that covered sports. Today, football is also covered by bookies for providing betting services to bettors.

Online and Traditional Bookmakers:

Indeed, the two types of bookies exist but the latter’s role in football is passive and limited. Traditional bookmakers were easy to spot in casinos, and racecourses to mediate placement of bets. As technology advanced, they used phones to accept bets and make payments to winners based on outcome events. However, internet has made their work easier since their work is entirely online.

Of course, bookies are licensed to operate in their capacity as betting intermediaries. Football bettors can easily locate, compare, and choose bookies online in a few mouse clicks.

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