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Zagreb vs Osijek 12:00 CET

The match starts ''early'' compared to normal time so posting right now.

Okay, Zagreb finished last season on 8th position on the table but you can forget about that ''quality'' team as this season they will most probably fight for avoiding relegation which they will hardly achieve (3 teams relegate) as they are the worst team in the league right now. Why? Zagreb is in financical crisis. Their head coach has left the club 4 days ago after preparing the team for the new season. Zagreb account is blocked because of debts so they cant bring in new players! It would be no problem if they didnt sell all of their players from last year (excluding Junakovic). Zagreb brought in juniors born 99' and 2000' so they count only on 6 players who are older than 18 years!!! and even those who are older didnt have any role in last year (Krapic with 10 mins and 5 pts last year, Car from the 2nd league). They count only on Junakovic while all others are juniors and 5 seniors without any role in senior basketball on this level.

Osijek is even stronger than last year, with saving Sarac, Dosen, Turalija and Krajina, with newcomer Taylor, good shooter, Jois, Markulin from Jolly etc. They started preparations 1 month ago, played many friendly matches and also played already 2 matches in Aple Adria cup (two wins against Brno and Klosterneuburg).

Simply this is bet all against Zagreb who is actually the worst team in the league, with only 5 18+ players while all others are 18 years and younger. Out of those 5 players, only Junakovic had big role while all others are low level players or players who had major role last season in the team. This will be very hard season for Zagreb as they are in finanical crisis and cant bring new players so they will have to count on the kids.

Fair line here is -10,5 or so. ML should be safe thing here

Osijek ML and -8